How to Purchase a Firearm Online

After you confirm the sale with the seller you need to contact your local firearm dealer. He must agree to accept the firearm for you. A copy of his paperwork, a Federal Firearm License can only be sent by e-mail or by way of U.S. Mail. The only funds I will accept are a United States Post Office money order.The money order must be mailed with your local firearm dealer's information and the buyers phone number. Please state what item the funds are for. Upon reciept of the above information the item will be shipped to your specified firearm dealer in your name. All local paperwork done on your end before delivery to you.  LAY A WAYS TERMS 60 DAYS WITH 1/3 DOWN ( NON REFUNDABLE)REMAINDER I/3 EVERY 30 DAYS OR ALL AT END OF 60 DAYS---------------------------HI-Capacity Magazines: Shipping Restrictions: California, Massachusetts, Chicago, and Washington DC - no magazines over 10rd capacity. Hawaii: no handgun magazines over 10 rounds. New Jersey - no magazines over 15rd capacity. Maryland - no magazines over 20rd capacity. New York - no magazines over 10rd capacity